Make the Switch Today!

Interested in switching your accounts to Carroll Community Bank, but not sure how to get started? That’s why we’ve developed the Carroll Community Bank Switch Kit, a step-by-step checklist to help make your transition to a new Carroll Community Bank account quick and easy.

Because we know that switching banks can be extremely inconvenient, we've put together some simple forms to help ease your transition to Carroll Community Bank. Please follow the steps listed below. Thank you for choosing Carroll Community Bank.

  1. Open a new Carroll Community Bank Checking account
    Allow for any checks to clear before closing your old account.  Some direct deposits take 30 days to switch over.
  2. Add Direct Deposit to your Carroll Community Bank Checking
    For Payroll and other direct deposit, simply complete the Direct Deposit Authorization Form.

    For Social Security Direct Deposit, please call the Social Security Administration at 800.772-1213. Be sure to have your new account Information with you when you call.
  3. Remember to change your automatic payments
    Please fill out the Authorization to Change Automatic Payments form to change any automatic payments from your old account, to your new Carroll Community Bank checking account.
  4. Use the Auto Payments Checklist
    The Auto Payments Checklist will keep track of automatic payments you have authorized third parties to make from your account and help you to think of companies you have set up on automatic payments.
  5. Close your old account.
    Simply complete the Request to Close Account form and send it to your old bank when:
    1. All the checks and other payments you authorized have been paid from your old account;
    2. All direct deposits are now being made to your new Carroll Community Bank account; and
    3. All of your automatic payments are now being made from your Carroll Community Bank account

If we can be of any assistance throughout the transition, please call any of our branch locations or our customer service center at 866.293.1968. Thank you for choosing Carroll Community Bank. We value and appreciate your business!

Deposit Rates (Annual Percentage Yield)
Personal Savings Accounts
Basic Savings .05
Power Savings .05 to .25
Kids Count Savings .05

Personal Money Markets
Classic Money Market** .05 to .40
Select Money Market .05 to .40

Personal Checking Accounts
Basic Checking .01
Advantage Checking .02
Signature Checking .02
Platinum Checking .05 to .20
Senior Checking .10
Premium Power Package Account .75

Certificate of Deposit / IRA CDs
6 Month CD .80
12 Month CD 1.00

Special 12 Month-New Money Only $1,000.00 Minimum Deposit


15 Month CD 1.26
18 Month- Add On CD*** 1.35
24 Month CD Penalty Free 1.50
30 Month CD 1.60
36 Month CD 1.70
48 Month CD 1.90
60 Month CD 2.50
Statement IRA**** .30